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Contact Form 7 is the most powerful Prestashop contact form module that helps you create any kinds of form for your Prestashop website.

Contact Form 7 is the most powerful Prestashop form module that helps you create any kinds of form for your Prestashop website.

What this product does for you

Have you heard about or even been using Wordpress Contact Form 7 - the most famous Wordpress contact form plugin that has reached more than 5 million active installations?
Wordpress Contact Form 7 is the most successful Wordpress plugin among 29+ thousand Wordpress plugins available on  Thanks to Takayuki Miyoshi (the author of Wordpress Contact Form 7) and his team for developing such great plugin for Wordpress users (I'm one among those) that helps bring amazing contact form feature to millions of Wordpress websites.
If you're a fan of Contact Form 7, you must download this Prestashop contact form module right now. It's a Prestashop version of Contact Form 7, most of the code of this module is gotten from its Wordpresss version (as the Contact Form 7 is an open source plugin). This Prestashop module works completely the same as its Wordpress version, it's also added with some more helpful features such as capacity of storing customer messages, Contact form page, Simple image CAPTCHA, template editor, live form preview, better UI (user interface), etc.
If you don't use Wordpress and certainly you haven't heard anything about Contact Form 7. That's OK. Just forget all I said about Wordpress in the former parts of this article for now. Follow this article to discover this module, it's the best Prestashop contact form module that you're looking for!
Why Contact Form 7 is better than all others out there?
The fame of Contact Form 7 has itself proven its innovative features and user-driven design to be the best!
This Prestashop module allows you to create an unlimited number of any kinds of web form such as customer contact form, customer survey form, recruitment form, product form, quotation form, service booking form, etc. for your Prestashop website.
Prestashop Contact Form 7 supports all kinds of common input fields such as simple text, text area, date, number, URL, file, quiz, acceptance, dropdown selection, checkboxes, CAPTCHA (simple CAPTCHA and reCaptcha), etc.
Contact Form 7 can be displayed anywhere on your website (on the separate contact page, on the product page, on the sidebar, inside product description, inside CMS content, any Smarty .tpl file, etc.) using static hooks, custom hook and shortcode.
Contact Form 7 is definitely the most easy-customizable contact form module for Prestashop as it allows you to build any kind of contact form using a form editor where you can enter HTML tags to fit your website template design or create creative contact forms. Live preview feature also allows you to preview for contact form from the back office before saving it.
There are many other great features that help Contact Form 7 become the most popular contact form plugin such as the capacity of saving customer messages, auto send a confirmation email to the customer, message editor, etc. Please refer to "Features" section for more information.


General features
-         Create unlimited number of forms.
-         Create any kinds of form with form editor interface (live preview).
-         Display forms anywhere using static hook, custom hook and shortcode.
-         Separate display page for each contact form which SEO friendly with meta title, meta keywords and meta description.
-         Support custom confirmation email (auto-response email)
-         Get rid of spam with CAPTCHA feature, support simple image CAPTCHA and Google reCaptcha
-         Email template editor
-         Easy to save and manage customer messages
-         Export customer messages to CSV file
-         Fully responsive, display perfectly on any devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Android, etc.
-         Custom thank you message
-         Support form popup and contact form button (hide the form by default, display the form when customer click on a "Contact us" button - The button label can be changed)
-         Multi-shop
-         Multi-language
-         Secure and safe with form validation rules
Supported forms
-         Customer contact form
-         Customer survey form
-         Recruitment form (job application form)
-         Product form (ask a question about product, product quotation, etc.)
-         Service booking form such as hotel booking form, car rental booking form, etc.
-         Quotation form
-         Or any kinds of form you need
Supported input fields
-         Simple input text
-         Text area
-         URL
-         Tel
-         Number
-         Date
-         Selection
-         Checkboxes
-         Radio buttons
-         Acceptance (Confirmation checkbox such as "I accept with terms and conditions of use")
-         Quiz (Very useful for customer survey forms)
-         CAPTCHA (simple image and Google reCaptcha, very secure!)
-         File (.pdf, .doc, .zip, .jpg, etc.)
-         Submit button



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